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Te hâter contre


I have to love.

Love those who aren’t meant for me

because to find this trove

I have to want to,

drown under the wave.

To suffocate yet refuse to be saved.

sweet poison taken lovingly.

To know I’m forfeiting my life

longing to give it willingly

volunteering to fall onto the knife.

to receive someone completely

I have to give myself entirely

for if I retain even a dust of myself,

Am I truly deserving?

I will yearn for more,

but will it feel good?

the kind of love that’s raw,

true to itself, misunderstood.

I will hurt sometimes often.

Apologies, I won’t say it again

I bend to your will;

for conceding to my god,

is in many ways winning.

My heart is ready

I don’t know if the universe is

to give me the kind of love that I need.

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How do you synthesize pain so well?

I feel like somehow, somewhere

down the line

I will hurt you inadvertently.

You seem to be concerned about my emotions;

True attachment.

Attachment of that sort takes time

A lesson

that took me close to my whole life to learn.